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Life Skills

As parents and adults, we want the best for ourselves and our loved ones. We invest time and money in education and career development but ...
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Mother and son holding paint brush

Birthdays & Graduations: Your Son’s Key Milestones Of Manhood

As our sons turn 13, they begin a series of critical milestones in their journey to becoming a man. There are several important ones – ...
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A couple's entrance dance

How to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

Plan A Special Surprise Mark your first anniversary with a special surprise. This could include a romantic trip away, a picnic in the park, or ...
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Growing In Community

Don’t Do It Alone Don’t swim alone. Don’t hike alone. You know those rules. But then why do we try to do life alone? Life ...
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Two good friends standing shoulder to shoulder going to school

Great Advice To Freshman Daughter Going To College

A Send-off Letter Priority College is an exciting time. It will challenge you in many ways expected and unexpected. It is all too easy to ...
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Mother holding her baby boy riding at the back of his mother

Four Amazing Health Tips for You & Your Family

Making sure that our family’s physical health and fitness are taken care of can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the schedule’s a little tight. ...
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