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Are You Overlooking An Area In Your Life?

It is incredibly easy to forget or ignore highly critical areas in our lives. Neglecting to pause and reflect, even briefly, can lead to risks if we’re not mindful. Consider the impact on both you and your spouse, including any communication gaps about your current situation.

Introducing Our Quick Life Check-Up

Open up conversations by rating yourselves where you are in your life in the top 10 topics in life. By doing so, you will begin to understand yourself better as well as your spouse. This is a great foundation to build off of to see what necessary changes your family may need to make.

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What Others Are Saying

I wish that my husband & I would have had something like this... he thought he knew what my love needs were but we never discussed it & as such missed out on so much in our marriage. A customized approach like this would have made a huge difference for us & would have made it easier to talk through.

This worksheet was great - we now have a new marriage. I suggested to my pastor that we use it at our Couples Retreat.

For the past 15 years, I've been dutifully doing the dishes & vacuuming the floors because I thought that 'acts of service' were my wife's top love need... after 25 minutes of doing the Marriage Makeover I learned that those things really didn't mean that much to her! Instead, she was craving non-sexual displays of affection - as soon as I started demonstrating those to her, our marriage was catapulted to a new level & she made an intentional effort to meet my love needs- our intimacy & connection have never been better (& I have tons of free time on my hands!)

This worksheet was great - we now have a new marriage. I suggested to my pastor that we use it at our Couples Retreat. We had what we thought was a really good marriage... after we completed this exercise, it became and amazing marriage... it's a simple conversation with incredible impact"

Don’t Bypass These Life Topics

What we don’t know may hurt us so it is better to be intentional to make sure we are in a good place. This exercise will deepen your understanding and relationship with yourself and your spouse. What is that worth for you? We are giving it FREE to you because we want you to thrive in your marriage.

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