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Walking through marriage can be complex without knowing how to navigate it. Without intentionally growing you may end up going down the wrong path. That’s why we created our Trailmap For Marriage Kit just for you! Below you will see what is inside our FREE marriage kit to help you.

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25 Minute Marriage Makeover

Tired of feeling disconnected in your marriage? Our 25 Minute Marriage Makeover can help you bridge that gap. Imagine truly understanding what makes your spouse feel loved and having them understand you on the same deep level.  Together, you’ll uncover ways to support each other’s needs, creating a stronger bond and a more joyful, fulfilling marriage.  Ready to experience the difference? Start your makeover today!

Join countless couples who’ve already experienced the magic of spending just 25 minutes together. It’s time to unlock the potential for a stronger, more connected relationship.

14 Quick Tips to IMMEDIATELY Improve Your Marriage!

Marriage, like any meaningful journey, thrives on consistent effort and heartfelt reminders. Our curated list of important reminders & best practices for your marriage serves as your daily nudge toward nurturing a loving, resilient relationship. This list ensures the foundations of your marriage remain strong.

You can quickly see positive changes and create the marriage you’ve always wanted!

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10 Simple Life Check-Up Discussion Questions

Our Life Check-Up guide takes you and your partner on an exploratory journey, providing a simple framework to deeply understand where each of you currently stands across 10 key life areas. Through thought-provoking questions, you’ll engage in open and honest dialogue, uncovering individual perspectives, aspirations, and challenges.

It creates a safe place for honest self-reflection and open sharing between you and your partner while exploring areas of alignment and tension in your relationship. This helps you gain a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives and experiences, renew your connection, and get on the same page about your hopes for the future as a couple.

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I wish that my husband & I would have had something like this... he thought he knew what my love needs were but we never discussed it & as such missed out on so much in our marriage. A customized approach like this would have made a huge difference for us & would have made it easier to talk through.

This worksheet was great - we now have a new marriage. I suggested to my pastor that we use it at our Couples Retreat.

For the past 15 years, I've been dutifully doing the dishes & vacuuming the floors because I thought that 'acts of service' were my wife's top love need... after 25 minutes of doing the Marriage Makeover I learned that those things really didn't mean that much to her! Instead, she was craving non-sexual displays of affection - as soon as I started demonstrating those to her, our marriage was catapulted to a new level & she made an intentional effort to meet my love needs- our intimacy & connection have never been better (& I have tons of free time on my hands!)

This worksheet was great - we now have a new marriage. I suggested to my pastor that we use it at our Couples Retreat. We had what we thought was a really good marriage... after we completed this exercise, it became and amazing marriage... it's a simple conversation with incredible impact"

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Strong, healthy marriages are the foundation for a thriving world. That’s why our team of Christian relationship experts, dedicated to research-backed solutions, is on a mission to empower couples with the tools they need to build lasting love. We believe everyone deserves a fulfilling marriage, which is why we offer our resources completely free as a non-profit organization.

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