Support A Family To Impact Generations

For just $5, you can empower a family or strengthen a marriage, providing them with the vital life skills they need for a prosperous journey ahead. Your generosity becomes a beacon of hope, directly facilitating growth and resilience in communities just like yours.

Your Generosity Leaves a Legacy for Generations

Your contribution is more than just a gift—it’s an investment in the lives of families who are seeking to navigate critical life skills.

With every dollar you donate, you’re empowering families with the tools and resources they need to manage life’s challenges and build a stronger, more resilient future for themselves and their children.

Our materials, which are always provided 100% free of charge, help families gain the skills they need to thrive in every aspect of life. Your support is instrumental in making this a reality.

When you give, you become a valued ministry partner in this transformative work, directly impacting the lives of countless families and helping them lead fulfilled, purposeful lives.

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Other Ways To Support Families

If you are looking to give back to Trailmap For Life in a non financial way, you can always help by introducing us to families or organizations that would want to use our free materials! Connect with us and we can discuss how we can serve you and your community!

Who Is Trailmap For Life?

In the heart of South Florida, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit is devoted to enriching the bonds between parents and children through researched and expert-crafted resources. Our flagship ‘Best Of Trailmap’ program, a short series of 5 videos, empowers families with the top 10 critical life skills. Additionally, we offer the ’25 Minute Marriage Makeover’, a complimentary workbook designed to rejuvenate marriages.

Thanks to your support, we can continue offering these vital resources at no cost, fostering stronger, happier families in our community.

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"Trailmap for Life was phenomenal. It has opened the door to incredible, intentional discussions with both of my teen children that we would have never had if it weren't for this program."
Robert Auguste
Robert Auguste
Sales Consultant, Father of Four
"This program helps you achieve the relationship that ever parent wants with their kids & feel confident you’ve prepared them well for life on their own.”
David Browne 2
David Browne
Commercial Real Estate Investor Leadership Coach
"As a father, I want my kids to be able to manage the important things in life really well…this program teaches them how. It’s the best program I’ve ever seen for parents & their kids.”
Eric Purtic
Former Director of Discipleship & the Ravi Zacharias School of Apologetics, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"This program unites the family in an amazing way. It enables intimate, interactive discussions, role playing, personal assessment & high-quality, concise video teachings across life’s key topics. The kids also learn & practice life-skills, e.g. how to speak to people, how to effectively & confidently deal with peer pressure, etc."
Todd Stephenson
Successful Businessman, Father, & Church Leader/Elder
"This is one of those ‘can’t-miss’ opportunities! The quality conversations my daughter & I have had in this program have established the foundation for setting kingdom-minded spiritual, character, family & financial goals for years to come.”
Jason Bates
Medical Industry Executive; Chairman of Parent To Parent Fellowship at Calvary Christian Academy
"It’s the best program I’ve ever seen for parents & their kids.”
Shannon Barnes
Shannon Barnes
Sales Executive, Successful Community Leader, & Mother of Two
"This is the best program I’ve ever seen for parents & their kids…it provides a platform to equip students & their parents with the crucial skills they need to navigate life.”
David Franklin
Family Life & Teaching Pastor 20+ years; Former Youth Pastor, Perimeter Church Atlanta
"As a mother & leader in our homeschool community, I knew how important it would be for my kids to be prepared for life…Trailmap does an incredible job of teaching key principles in each of life’s critical areas.”
Lisa Stephenson
Successful Business Executive Turned Home-school Mother & Leader
"This program helps parents & their kids connect in a way that I’ve never seen before…having life-changing discussions together as they learn the key principles & secrets of success in managing life’s toughest topics.”
Matt Hickman
Middle & High School Pastor, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale
"Some lessons in life just cannot be missed; unfortunately, they often are, or are learned too late. Trailmap covers those lessons & gives you an easy guide to bring up & cover each of these important subjects. I think every parent needs to go through this program with their kids.”
Robert Simonson
Successful Entrepreneur & Inventor With 25+ Medical Device Patents
"As a leader in our church & youth programs, this is one of the few instances where I have found a program that is so powerful & life-changing that I believe strongly that every parent needs to do this with their kids. It enables parents to know they’ve covered the core areas that are make or break topics in life.”
Kyle French
Founder & Leader of Upward Sports League Boca Raton (One of Largest In U.S.)