Navigating Life's Challenges Together

Our mission is to empower families with the critical life skills that shape their futures. We believe that every kid deserves the knowledge, wisdom, and tools to confidently and with integrity navigate life’s challenges. By bringing parents and teens together in a shared learning experience, Trailmap For Life strengthens the family bond and equips the next generation to make wise decisions, navigate life’s complexities, stand on their own, and live a successful life.


Raising Kids is Tough!

It’s far too easy for us as parents to think that our kids are getting the preparation they need to navigate the challenges they’ll face, both now and when they’re on their own. Unfortunately, they aren’t. They aren’t getting it in school. And they certainly aren’t getting it from their friends, television, movies, or social media…in fact, what they’re getting is just the opposite of what parents would hope for.

Over the past 30 years, I’ve journeyed alongside families as they navigate the challenges of the teenage years. I’ve seen first-hand the difficulties that arise and how easy it is for kids to hit a rough spot that can leave them with a lifetime of consequences…

These experiences have had a profound impact on me as they conveyed the true magnitude of the challenges every child faces during middle and high school, as well as the unique opportunity parents have to make a life-changing impact during this brief window of time. The choices our kids make between the ages of 8 and 18 will have disproportionately high consequences for the rest of their lives…

Quick & Free Life Skills Course

Your influence in your child’s life is unmatched, and our life skills course was help your family live a successful life. Trailmap For Life isn’t just a collection of advice, it’s a researched-backed course created by top experts in their respective fields. Each topic is thoughtfully chosen and meticulously developed to equip your family with the critical life skills they need to make wise decisions to stand on their own.

We have created this course for your family, your neighbors, your friends, and the church to do in your home or in a group setting!

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Start Your Journey

Join us in this unforgettable life skills experience, and take the step toward a more connected, intentional, and joyful family life. With our guidance, your unique voice can become the lighthouse your kids need when uncertainty surrounds them.

Our materials are 100% free because we want to bless you and your family, so check us out and see what opportunity is ahead for your family!

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