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Young Students College Graduation Throwing Hats Up

College Graduation: A Milestone

Your son’s College Graduation is approaching quickly – This is an important milestone to commemorate! Below are some ideas for ways to make his college graduation special! What’s Occurring: As your son graduates from college, he is officially transitioning into manhood – this is a great time for a father & adult mentors to confirm …

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Father And Sons Holding Each Other 

Critical Roles of a Father

The Critical Roles of a Father As a father, we learn through experience that our kids change very quickly, as do the roles that we must play.  In looking across each of the natural age stages that a child goes through, it is helpful to note a father’s love & encouragement are a common need …

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Pokemon Go: A Parent’s Quick Guide

Why Should a Parent Understand the Basics of Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go offers an opportunity to spend time with your kids in a way different from other video games. Because Pokemon Go combines elements from the real world with the Pokemon Go virtual world, your kids have to leave the house to play. It is …

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