5 Easy Ways to Be a Good Friend and Make New Ones

5 Easy Ways to Be a Good Friend and Make New Ones


No man is an island. And friendship is one of the most beautiful aspects of life that enriches our experiences and brings joy to our journey.

It’s good to have them during the fun times — and especially the bad. They transform our lives in every way. 

Whether you’re looking to strengthen existing friendships or make new ones, there are simple yet effective ways to become a better friend and connect with others.

Dale Carnegie, in his timeless book “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” shares invaluable insights that can serve as our guide.

In this article, we’ll explore five easy ways to be a good friend and make new ones, drawing inspiration from Carnegie’s wisdom.

Smile Often And Be Approachable

1. Smile Often and Be Approachable

Radiate Warmth Through a Smile

One of the simplest yet most powerful ways to be a good friend and attract new ones is to smile often.

A genuine smile is a universal sign of warmth and approachability. See, it invites others to engage with you and sets a positive tone for interactions.

Think about it:

Aren’t you drawn closer to people who just always genuinely smile? There’s something about it that makes us feel comfortable.

And that’s because we want to be with people who make us feel good. Humans are naturally built that way. So show those beautiful smiles of yours and radiate positivity to the people around you.

Show Genuine Interest In Others

2. Show Genuine Interest in Others

Connect Through Conversation

Meeting someone for the very first time?

Take a moment and try to connect with them on a personal level. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just met them.

Look them in the eye, offer a friendly smile, and show interest in their life.

Ask open-ended questions like: “What do you like to do in your free time?” or “Did you grow up around here?”

An even more effective way to do this is the “ACA Framework”. That is, you acknowledge what they said, compliment them, and then ask the next question.

These questions open the door to meaningful conversations and help you get to know others better. So when you show genuine interest in others, they would let their guard down and feel closer to you.

And then what happens is, they would want to reciprocate this interest in you as well. 

Be A Stellar Listener

3. Be a Stellar Listener

The Art of Listening

Being a good friend means being a great listener.

Encourage others to talk about themselves and their interests. Avoid the temptation to dominate the conversation with stories about yourself, your accomplishments, or your possessions. Well, unless they ask things about you.

But it’s best to focus on the person in front of you instead. And show genuine curiosity and empathy in their lives. Trust me, once you let them take the spotlight, they’ll return the favor and be interested in you as well.

Make Sure to Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact? Yes, it may sound uncomfortable. But maintaining comfortable eye contact during conversations is another crucial aspect of being a good listener.

It conveys your attentiveness and interest in what the other person is saying. It means you value their time and what they’re saying.

Just remember to strike a balance – not too much to make them uncomfortable, and not too little to seem disinterested. And remember, try not to look at your phone while you’re speaking with another person.

Make Others Feel Important And Respected

4. Make Others Feel Important and Respected

Elevate Others

To build and maintain strong friendships, it’s essential to make others feel important and valued.

Treat them with respect and courtesy. Acknowledge their opinions and perspectives, even if they differ from your own.

And by doing so, you create an environment of trust and mutual respect.

Avoid Criticism And Complaining

5. Avoid Criticism and Complaining

Nurture Positivity

Criticism or constant complaining, especially if unsolicited, can turn off a lot of people.

Which is why, we should focus on positive interactions and conversations that build each other up instead. It’s important to be mindful of how our words and actions affect others.

So let’s try our best to cultivate a positive outlook on life. And in that way, you’ll naturally attract like-minded individuals.

Ways To Be A Good Friend And Make New Ones Conclusion


Building valuable life skills like learning how to make friends is critical for your life. If you want more good friends in your life, you could try to incorporate these five easy ways into your life. All of them are proven to significantly enhance your ability to be a good friend and make new ones.

After all, Dale Carnegie’s wisdom reminds us that the key to meaningful connections lies in our willingness to be warm, approachable, and genuinely interested in others.

Furthermore, by being a great listener, treating others with respect, and nurturing positivity, you’ll not only strengthen existing friendships, but also create opportunities for new and enriching connections.

Remember, the journey of building and maintaining friendships is a rewarding one. So if you haven’t already, start implementing these practices today, and watch as your relationships flourish and grow.

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