7 Signs Of Healthy Relationships

7 Signs of Healthy Relationships


And Key Takeaways To Have Success

What Does Every Relationship Needs?

If you’re in a serious relationship, you must be open to improving the bond between you and your relationship partner. After all, you’re looking to spend a lifetime with them.

However, there are times when relationships feel like they could turn out for the worst. Arguments, mistakes, and misunderstandings take place. These make you worry if you still have a future together. 

This article will show you 7 clear signs of a healthy relationship and will serve as your guide to tell exactly what needs improvement in your relationship. 

We also want to share key takeaways to help you reflect even further. So you can generate ideas on strengthening your relationship’s “weaker” areas.

You Have Strong Trust In Your Partner 

You Have Strong Trust In Your Partner

When you trust someone, you support them, you look out for their best interest, and you’re able to build your life with theirs. This is precisely why it is the foundation of healthy relationships. 

Without it, you will never feel comfortable with your partner. You will keep on overthinking and become paranoid even about the smallest things.

In addition, having trust means you can always rely on them and have confidence in them. Even if they make mistakes, you still believe their heart is in the right place.

Now you know how important trust is in a relationship, but here’s where it gets tricky: 

Trust cannot be built instantly. You can only strengthen it if your partner is genuine about their intentions. 

Simply put, their actions prove their love and respect for you. 

On the other hand, trust is also like fragile glass. It takes time to form but only takes a moment to break. This happens when your partner is inconsistent and unwilling to improve. 

As a result, they leave you second-guessing their decisions and don’t help build a strong relationship. 

Key Takeaway: What areas do you trust your spouse the most? How about the areas you feel you have less trust in? And what can you do to strengthen the areas which need improvement? 

You Have Boundaries In Place

You Have Boundaries In Place Trailmap

Relationship boundaries help set the “ground rules” for interacting with your partner. However, these won’t imply only one of you is correct. 

Instead, it’s an opportunity to respect each other’s differences and work together to create a lifestyle that works for both of you. 

Since we were raised differently and had distinct life experiences, it only makes sense that we have certain conditions where we feel comfortable. 

As you figure out your boundaries, finding things that only work for you and don’t for anyone else is normal. 

Here are some categories you can discuss with your partner: 

  • Sexual
  • Physical 
  • Material
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional 

Once you’ve clearly defined your boundaries, help each other understand when the “trespassing” happens, so you can have a healthy interaction with your partner. 

After understanding each other’s relationship preferences, you should know what to do to comply with those. Your partner will also respect yours. 

You may even feel overwhelming support from your partner to do what you want.  

Remember that boundaries in healthy relationships are about empowering, not controlling each other.

Key Takeaway: What unspoken relationship boundaries have you not said to each other? Are there any boundaries you aren’t 100% sure about?

You Practice Clear and Calm Communication

You Practice Clear And Calm Communication

In the best relationships, couples understand each other and actively listen when the other is talking. These relationships also allow people to be transparent, honest, and vulnerable, which often prevents issues from coming up. 

When you want to impact the other person and experience a deep connection, you must also focus on how you say something rather than what you want to say. 

That’s because our tone can dictate how the conversation will go. 

If you raise your voice or don’t speak calmly, you could come off as insensitive or offensive. That won’t get your message across, and things could escalate into arguments and misunderstandings. 

Clear communication doesn’t stop at the actual conversation. It also means your attention is focused on the other person and your body language shows you’re immersed. 

So if you are closed off or distracted, you make it extremely difficult for the other person to interpret your words. 

If you don’t listen intently and choose to speak over your partner, you will upset or anger them because you’re not hearing them out. Make sure to listen and understand before you speak. 

Keep in mind that if you’re listening to refute them instead of understanding their side, that’s an opportunity for you to improve. 

Key Takeaway: What aspects can you work on to achieve calm and clear communication? Write down the consistent issues that come up. Together with your partner, you can discuss how you can communicate better. 

You Argue In A Respectful Manner

You Argue In A Respectful Manner

Conflict, disagreements, and arguments are perfectly normal in healthy relationships. That’s because as different people, it’s inevitable to have opposing points of view on some things. As cliché as this sounds, we’re only humans who can commit mistakes. 

But the great news is whenever you have problems or misunderstandings, you always have the choice to handle them poorly or healthily, with the latter being a clear choice. 

To resolve conflict healthily, both partners should work it out together. Listen to each other’s side, reach an agreement, and base your following decisions there. This is also where forgiveness plays a huge factor. 

As a result, healthy conflicts usually resolve much more quickly and don’t snowball into something much worse. 

Always remember that your partner is more important than any problem.  

Even if we acknowledge that conflict is natural, you should never make your partner feel they don’t deserve love, affection, and respect. 

Even if you’re not in the best place emotionally, it’s never good to resort to these negative behaviors. 

Key Takeaway: Do you have a “fight plan” for handling conflict? Identify how you handle conflict and learn to work towards it being healthy.  

You Spend Quality Time Together

You Spend Quality Time Together Trailmap

As grown adults with tons of responsibilities (and loads of bills to pay), you must be busy with little spare time for personal activities. But despite your packed schedules, you still try to spend time together. 

You may often have a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, go to the movies or even the museum.

If you get a little too occupied with work and personal stuff, you can have a quick call or send a sweet message. You could even do just any other activity you both love together. 

Even as simple as sending a text to let them know you’re thinking about them goes a mile. This means you don’t always have to spend long hours on dates for your relationship to be “healthy.”

A telltale sign of a healthy relationship is maximizing your time together, no matter how short.

Once you actively look for these small opportunities to genuinely bond with your partner and focus on every moment, you’ll improve your intimacy with your partner, even without any sexual activity. 

Key Takeaway: Do you spend quality time together doing what you love without distractions?

You Do Fun Activities Together 

Healthy relationships may involve seriously committed individuals, but this doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun.

According to research, having fun and laughing benefits your quality of life. That’s because serotonin and dopamine activity increases whenever you laugh, improving your mood, well-being, and happiness. 

That’s why it’s important to sprinkle some fun in your relationship from time to time. Talk about things that make you laugh, share something funny that went on your day or just any activity that puts a smile on your face.  

Even when things are going wrong, you can still have fun together.

You don’t have to be consumed by life’s seriousness and problems. So it would be best to find ways to unwind and take a breather. If you can, try to make light of a situation and laugh about it. 

Then you’ll improve your mental health, which positively affects how you handle problems. 

Your relationship will take off to a new height and be set for the long term.   

Key Takeaway: Find out what types of activities you have the most fun together and chat about how you can set time for them. 

You Understand Their Love Needs

You Understand Their Love Needs

Healthy relationships know each other’s love needs and how to express them.

It’s easy for us to allow ourselves to get disappointed & even frustrated when our spouse isn’t a mind-reader & isn’t able to magically guess what we want them to do to make us feel loved & important to them.

But if we don’t tell our spouses precisely what we need, they may spend a lifetime trying to figure it out while our marriage suffers. 

The best way to understand your spouse’s specific love needs is to discuss them and share how you want to demonstrate them. 

You can have a heart-to-heart talk with them to express your desires for them and their love for you.

This will help you understand what they are looking for in a relationship, and if you are on the same page, you will have a great foundation to build on.

You can also learn what your spouse wants from you by observing how they respond to your actions. 

Key Takeaway: The best way to show your love, and affection to your partner is to meet their unique love needs. 


Those are 7 of the most noticeable signs of healthy relationships. We hope you found these tips valuable and that they guide you to build a stronger and healthier relationship. 

Remember that a solid relationship takes a lot of time, effort, and patience from you. You should work together to achieve this type of relationship. It may sound overwhelming, but have faith that it’ll be worth it in the end. 

Now that you’ve read this far, you must be reflecting on how you can improve your relationship. If so, we’ve got you covered.

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