Important Teenager Milestones Blog Posts

Explore the journey of teenage growth with our blog posts on important teenager milestones, offering insights and advice on key developmental moments. These articles cover a range of topics from emotional maturity to academic achievements, providing valuable guidance for parents and teens navigating this transformative stage.

Mother and son holding paint brush

Birthdays & Graduations: Your Son’s Key Milestones Of Manhood

As our sons turn 13, they begin a series of critical milestones in their journey to becoming a man. There are several important ones – ...
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Your Son’s 13th Birthday

Your Son’s 13th Birthday Is Approaching Quickly & This Is A Big Deal! Below are some important things for you to do as a dad ...
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Your Son’s 16th Birthday

Your son’s 16th birthday is approaching quickly & this is an important one! Below are some important things for you to do as a dad ...
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Graduation Caps

Your Child’s High School Graduation

As your child approaches high school graduation, they will be transitioning to additional adult responsibilities & life on their own at college.  Although they will ...
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Young Students College Graduation Throwing Hats Up

College Graduation: A Milestone

Your son’s College Graduation is approaching quickly – This is an important milestone to commemorate! Below are some ideas for ways to make his college ...
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