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Critical Roles of a Father


The Critical Roles of a Father

As a father, we learn through experience that our kids change very quickly, as do the roles that we must play.  In looking across each of the natural age stages that a child goes through, it is helpful to note a father’s love & encouragement are a common need across each stage that our kids desperately need from us.  They need to know that we love them, that we will always ‘have their back’, and that we will always be their biggest fan…no matter what.  It is this assurance that will help your child push forward when the world is telling them they can’t succeed.

It’s also helpful to think about our key goals & the resulting impact on our kids for each of these key life stages.  Looking at these as a way to help us identify the end goal for this stage of their life is incredibly helpful and will enable you to stay on track, even when life gets crazy.

Young Child

Role of Father: Love & encouragement, protection from danger, instruction, physical touch & play, discipline.

Goal/Resulting Impact on Child: Learns right from wrong through parents teaching right from wrong, & using consequences for actions; child knows that God loves them; learns how to interact with dad; “Daddy’s boy” or “Daddy’s little girl”

Pre/Early Teens

Role of Father: Love & encouragement, more coaching, & counseling.

Goal/Resulting Impact on Child: More consistent wise choices; self-confident; understanding of money, how to think about dating; builds strong relationships; chooses good friends.


Role of Father: Love & encouragement, more counseling relationally (girls/friends),  financially, career.

Goal/Resulting Impact on Child: Solid relationship with God and understanding of priorities; strong discipline and self-control; chooses friends and dates wisely.

Young Adults & Beyond

Role of Father: Love & encouragement / cheerleading, counseling / comforting.

Goal/Resulting Impact on Child: Lives life according to God’s principles; enjoys spending time with parents… seeks wisdom & friendship from them.

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