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These videos share best practices & secrets of success in:

Money, Friends, Peer Pressure, Time Management, Social Media, Nutrition, Fitness, Alcohol, Smoking, Drugs, & More…

The topics that wreck lives, but aren’t taught in schools.

Backed by over 10 years of research!

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When we say our resource is the best — here’s why: 

“Trailmap for Life” is jam-packed with OVER 10 YEARS of wisdom from experts of different fields. That includes doctors, attorneys, family experts, and Fortune 500 executives. 

They condensed the training into short, impactful episodes – without sacrificing value. Yes, the quickness of this course is by design. This way, you can easily fit this program into your family’s busy schedule. 

As a result, in under an hour (per lesson), your family can bond, learn, and thrive together with fun activities. And that’s why Trailmap for Life is the #1 resource for teenagers for today’s challenges. 

Watch a video anytime and anywhere. There are only 5 videos in total, so try one & see how it goes!  The videos share best practices in money, friends, peer pressure, time management, social media, nutrition, fitness, alcohol, smoking, drugs, & more… the topics that wreck lives but aren’t taught in school.

Life on Your Terms.
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Five short videos that summarize the best practices in managing many of life’s most challenging topics,
with the opportunity to identify a simple Take-Away at the end.

Then, capture your own ‘To Do‘ items in your personal Life Plan.

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Five Short But Powerful Videos

These entertaining videos cover "the important stuff" your kids need to understand before they leave home. Parents & kids watch the videos together anytime, anywhere convenient for you (in the car, at meals, or bedtime).

“I Need It Now”
Content On-Demand

You never know what important topics will come up, but when they do you have to be ready. These resources make it easy to provide wise insight when it really matters.

Crucial Real Life Scenarios

It's not a question of "if" these will occur, but "when". The worst thing that can happen is for your child to be unprepared. These 60 second scenarios equip kids with what they need - don't miss them!

Life Plans (for You & Your Kids!)

These templates make it easy to capture key short & long term action steps that can deliver big benefits in life.

Important Parenting Resources

Note Pad And Pencil 

Planning Guides for Milestone Events

There are a few key milestone events that our kids experience that serve as unique opportunities for parents. These ideas and planning templates make it easy to make the most of these brief windows of time.

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Letter Templates and Plans for Key Birthdays

There are a handful of key birthdays where parents can breathe life into their kids that will last a lifetime - these tools make it easy to make the most of them.

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Valuable Resource for Married Couples

25 Minute Marriage Makeover

This is a quick way to improve your marriage by learning each others love needs.

25 Minute Makeover Copy For Husband
25 Minute Marriage Makeover Copy For Wife

Why These Quick Videos Are So Critical

Raising kids is tough & they don’t come with an instruction manual! 

As parents, it’s easy to wonder if our kids will make it on their own?  So we assembled a team of successful leaders & experts to give you a comprehensive & unforgettable life-skills experience that guides parents & kids through it step by step. enables you to worry less about your kid’s future and the consequences of not knowing how to manage life’s tough topics…

Money, dating & marriage, friendships, peer pressure, time management, health/alcohol/drugs, & more!

Instead, feel confident you have prepared them well for life on their own!  

Over the past 30 years, I’ve journeyed alongside families as they navigate the challenges of the teenage years. I’ve seen first-hand the difficulties that arise and how easy it is for kids to hit a rough spot that can leave them with a lifetime of consequences…

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Important Life Topics

Money 1


Move from financially stressed to relaxed and see money with a new perspective.

Health 1


Learn how to eat healthy, exercise, and have a healthy lifestyle while avoiding toxic choices.

Friends 1


See how to choose the right friends that are healthy relationships & help your grow​.

Community Icon Trailmap


How community plays a powerful role in our lives​.

Family 1


Going from tension & arguments to enjoyment & fun.

Dating Marrige 1 1

Dating & Marriage

Have relationships the way God intended instead of having troubled ones.

Character 1 1


Having a good attitude & avoiding bad decisions; doing the right thing.

Purpose 1 1


Identifying your purpose for this stage of your life, & goals to help you get there.

Time 1

Time Management

Become more productive with your time & do more related to your priorities & purpose.

Faith 1 1


Go from emptiness & lack of satisfaction to a peace & happiness.

What People Are Saying

"It’s the best program I’ve ever seen for parents and their kids.”
Eric Purtic
Former Director of Adult Discipleship & the Ravi Zacharias School of Apologetics, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I don't think there is anything more important than putting this as a priority for your relationship with your children."
Jay Harrington
Single Father of Two, Trailmap For Life Participant
"I am convinced this program should be a rite of passage for every family – don’t miss it.”
Todd Stephenson
Successful Businessman, Father, & Church Leader
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Help Us Transform The Future Of Families

Please consider a gift to us to help us reach more families that need help getting the right training.

These experiences have had a profound impact on me as they conveyed the true magnitude of the challenges every child faces during middle and high school, as well as the unique opportunity parents have to make a life-changing impact during this brief window of time.  The choices our kids make between the ages of 8 and 18 will have disproportionately high consequences for the rest of their lives…

“Parents- You have a brief window of years that closes ever so slightly each and every daydon’t miss this opportunity to breathe life-giving wisdom that will propel them throughout their life.”

It’s far too easy for us as parents to think that our kids are getting the preparation they need to navigate the challenges they’ll face, both now and when they’re on their own.  Unfortunately, they aren’t.  They aren’t getting it in school.  And they certainly aren’t getting it from their friends, television, movies, or social media…in fact, what they’re getting is just the opposite of what parents would hope for: 

  • Messages that consistently tell them that the most important goals in life are to get rich, have fun, and feel good.
  • Moral standards that are increasingly relative to one’s personal beliefs.
  • Movies, games, music, and television glamorizing sex, money, appearances, drugs, violence, and alcohol… these influence kids’ behavior by imprinting them with vivid messages and imagery that suggest these things represent success, while ignoring their destructive consequences.

It’s critical for us as parents to understand that both teens and adults encounter significant problems in the key areas of life because they’ve never had the training necessary to successfully navigate them:

“Parents –your voice is unique in your kid’s lives…it offers the power and clarity needed to be a lighthouse when uncertainty surrounds them and the path ahead is hard to navigate.”