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Prepare your teens for life's toughest challenges and help them succeed in life in 5 quick videos in the Trailmap for Life program.

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Your Teens Don't Have The Life
Skills To Live Independently


You Constantly Worry About
Their Future


You Are Confused About
What To Teach Them


You Are Anxious They Lose
Their Way


You Are Frustrated You Can't
Do Anything


You Grieve Thinking What if
They Fall in Life


You Feel Disconnected With
Your Kids

We believe you deserve to enjoy life without worrying about your kids

Your Teen's Future Is In Good Hands

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Trailmap for Life is a non-profit organization committed to providing free valuable resources that equip families and teenagers with life skills to navigate and win in the real

We are a team of leading subject matter experts on life, family, and relationships. But more importantly, you should know that beneath our professional careers, we’re all loving and caring parents just like you.

As parents, we only want the best for our children. We’ve gone and will go to great lengths, doing whatever it takes to ensure our kids live successful lives.

That’s why we dedicated our time and expertise to researching the most important life skills to teach teenagers so we can design programs and resources that can impact their lives for the better forever.

Now, we want to share everything we put together with as many families as possible. And we hope to touch and transform the lives of all our precious teenagers including yours.

This is a program I believe every family with kids ages 7 & older needs to complete because it will help prepare them for life on their own...& the results are life-changing.

Father, Leading Expert on
Fathering & Family, Founder of
Men’s Fraternity, and Best-
Selling Author

Trailmap for Life Program

The only life skills course that teaches teens everything
they need to win in life


From crucial personal matters to relationships with other
people. This program sheds light on 10 of life’s most
important aspects, giving your teen the right life skills to
win in life.

In each lesson, your kid will learn valuable takeaways that will guide them throughout their journey and give them a
better fighting chance against life’s danger zones.

You’ll bond with your kids through fun and interactive activities embedded in every lesson. Giving you the chance to share your wisdom to ensure they lead down the right path.

By the end of the program, you’ll develop confidence in your kid’s life skill set, so you never lose a night’s sleep wondering it they’re doing great without you around.

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Apply the key learnings and watch how your kid’s life changes for the better

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Trailmap for Life gives you only the best family and
parenting resources

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Better Chance In Life

With the help of our resources, your kid
won't get pushed around in the real world.

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Navigate The Real World
With Trailmap for Life

Without the right tools to guide your teens in life, it’s easy to feel anxious and lost. You’ll gain the confidence that they’ll survive and win in life.

Testimonials From Parents Like You

"It’s the best program I’ve ever seen for parents and their kids.”
Eric Purtic
Former Director of Adult Discipleship & the Ravi Zacharias School of Apologetics, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I don't think there is anything more important than putting this as a priority for your relationship with your children."
Jay Harrington
Single Father of Two, Trailmap For Life Participant
"I am convinced this program should be a rite of passage for every family – don’t miss it.”
Todd Stephenson
Successful Businessman, Father, & Church Leader
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You Get To Teach Your Teens Using These Valuable
Trailmap For Life Resources

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The Trailmap for Life program is the only life skills course that teaches teens about topics that truly matter.. And we won’t waste your time discussing life skills that don’t have
any actual world application.

In just five quick 30-minute video lessons, this course covers 10 of life’s most crucial aspects so your teen can understand… recognize… and prioritize them to ultimately lead your kid to success.

And you don’t have to worry about your kid’s short attention spans because… We included exciting and interactive activities in every module to ensure that your teen processes and internalizes the key takeaways you would want them to carry for the rest of their lives.

Not to mention…The Trailmap for Life program is absolutely FREE! You get so much value without even reaching out for a single penny in your pocket.

What Your Teens Will Learn

Friends 1


3 Crucial Qualities A Friend Should
To Become A Great Influence Into Your Teen's Life (And The Secret To Building and Maintaining A Close Friendship That Lasts A Lifetime)

Money 1


3 Myths About Money That Could Ruin Your Teen's Life... And Effective Mindset And Behavior Shifts To Achieve A Financially Secure Life With Zero Debt

Dating Marrige 1 1

Dating & Marriage

3 Important Things To Look For And
Avoid When Dating
A Potential Spouse (To Ensure The Marriage Doesn't Easily End Up In Divorce)

Health 1


The Key To Optimizing Health: A Clear Guide On Developing A Healthy Lifestyle.. While Also Breaking Bad Habits (To Not End Up In Huge Medical Bills Down The Line)

Community Icon Trailmap


How To Develop Long-Lasting Healthy Relationships With The People You See Regularly In Your Neighborhood (So You Can Depend On Them In Crucial Moments)

Family 1


The Secrets To Mastering Effective
Ways To Resolve Conflict
And Grow
Into A Closer Family (That Your Kid Can Depend On In Times Of Trouble)

Character 1 1


How To Achieve The Best Version Of Yourself And Develop Self-Confidence (To Take On Any Challenge And Come Out On Top)

Purpose 1 1


The Key To Finding Your Unique Purpose In Life That Brings Out The Best In You (And Lets You Live A Meaningful Life)

Time 1

Time Management

How To Become A Master In Taking
Control Of Your Own Time
To Boost
Productivity and Prioritize The Things That Really Matter

Faith 1 1


A Comprehensive Guide To Growing A Deeper Relation ship With God: The Fail-Proof Way To Bringing More Peace and Happiness Into Your Life

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Other FREE Bonuses!

Bonus #1: 25 Minute 
Marriage Makeover

Your Key to A Stronger Marriage: Understanding Your
Spouse’s Unique Love Needs

Having a married life is no easy task. You and your spouse have a lot of responsibilities in your career and home. And you barely have time to satisfy each other’s unique love needs. This situation puts a lot of stress on your relationship, and your marriage could suffer over time.

But after doing this quick worksheet, you’ll know how to fulfill your spouse’s most important love needs. So you
can start transforming your marriage-even if you’re occupied with other aspects of your life.

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Image 3

Bonus #2: 4 Minute
Parenting Guide

8 Easy Ways To Impact Your Kids Forever
Want to become the best parent you can be?

Guide your kids using your powerful voice throughout life’s most important areas- especially the ones not taught in school.

In this powerful guide, you’ll learn the most effective parenting strategies to help prepare your kids to take on the real world and set them up for life.

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And we assure you, there is no CATCH…
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About Trailmap For Life

Life’s Top 10 is a 501c3 not-for-profit charity. We provide programs such as Trailmap For Life to help adults & kids navigate the 10 critical topics in life.

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From crucial personal matters to relationships with other people. This program sheds light on 10 of life’s most important aspects, giving your teen the right life skills to win in life.

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