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Teach Teens Life Skills That Will Last Forever

Trailmap For Life is the only program out there that teaches the top 10 most important life skills all in 5 quick sessions. So if you want to become the best parent on planet earth and prepare your teen, sign up for our FREE course! 

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What Skills Do Teens Need?

Becoming the best parent means doing a good job preparing your kids for doing life on their own. Unfortunately, kids don’t come with a manual on best practices or what you should teach them! 


Trailmap For Life is a pathway to set the foundational life skills every person needs to succeed in life. You and your teen will walk through 5 quick sessions of only 25 minutes and learn how to apply each life skill to your life.

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Hi, I'm Chad Richard

With over 20 years of leading in consumer understanding, I’ve helped world-leading brands grow, such as Procter & Gamble, ADT Security Services, Sunbeam, Oster, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others.


As my kids got into middle school, I started thinking about how to prepare their lives on their own. I saw that all of life’s big topics were deeply connected to each other. So I began to research the most important life skills to teach them.


After searching for a solution that taught all of the critical life skills in one program, I found out that no such thing existed. So, I formed a leadership team of fathers & subject matter experts to create a nonprofit organization solely dedicated to developing programs to help people understand & navigate the 10 most important life skills and named the program Trailmap for Life.

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What People Are Saying

"It’s the best program I’ve ever seen for parents & their kids.”
Eric Purtic
Former Director of Adult Discipleship & the Ravi Zacharias School of Apologetics, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I am convinced this program should be a rite of passage for every family – don’t miss it.”
Todd Stephenson
Successful Businessman, Father, & Church Leader
"I don't think there is anything more important than putting this as a priority for your relationship with your children."
Jay Harrington
Single Father of Two, Trailmap For Life Participant

Teach Teens Life Skills That Matter


Move from financially stressed to relaxed and see money with a new perspective.


Learn how to eat healthy, exercise,and have a healthy lifestyle while avoiding toxic choices.


See how to choose the right friends that are healthy relationships and help your grow​.


How community plays a powerful role in our lives​.


Going from tension and arguments to enjoyment and fun.

Dating and Marriage

Have relationships the way God intended instead of having troubled ones.


Having a good attitude and avoiding bad decisions; doing the right thing.


Identifying your purpose for this stage of your life, and goals to help you get there.

Time Management

Become more productive with your time and do more related to your priorities and purpose.


Go from emptiness and lack of satisfaction to a peace and happiness.

What's Inside Trailmap For Life?

Inside Trailmap For Life we will be sharing with you the most important life skills your family needs. You will receive an eBook to fill out to help everyone learn! Here is a sneak peak of our 5 video sessions that you will go through with your teens!

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Help Your Teen Make Smart Choices

We are giving you these materials for free because our heart is to see all families succeed. Success starts in your home and these tools will help your family reach their goals. The best time to start is today because who knows what could happen if they make an unwise choice. It could happen tomorrow at school or even tonight on the internet. These 10 topics all work together to give your family a fighting chance against the world. 

About Trailmap For Life

Life’s Top 10 is a 501c3 not-for-profit charity. We provide programs such as Trailmap For Life to help adults & kids navigate the 10 critical topics in life.

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