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Program elements

80 modules covering core life topics such as: faith, money, dating, character, friends, peer pressure, family, health, &time management.

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Important Life Topics


Move from financially stressed to relaxed and see money with a new perspective.


Learn how to eat healthy, exercise, and have a healthy lifestyle while avoiding toxic choices.


See how to choose the right friends that are healthy relationships & help your grow​.


How community plays a powerful role in our lives​.


Going from tension & arguments to enjoyment & fun.

Dating & Marriage

Have relationships the way God intended instead of having troubled ones.


Having a good attitude & avoiding bad decisions; doing the right thing.


Identifying your purpose for this stage of your life, & goals to help you get there.

Time Management

Become more productive with your time & do more related to your priorities & purpose.


Go from emptiness & lack of satisfaction to a peace & happiness.