The Top 10 Most Critical Topics
Parents & Kids Need To Know

Learn With Your Kids What Schools Don't Teach In 5 Quick Sessions!

Why Trailmap For Life Is Important

The Importance Of
Parent & Child Relationships

The relationship between a parent & child is truly remarkable and the impact it can have on each of us is life-changing. The middle school through college years are critical for our kids as they begin to chart their course through life. Unfortunately, we’re left to navigate many of the challenging areas in life with little to no training and leads us to learn life’s toughest lessons the hard way.

So how do we train our kids the right way and help them to think for themselves when we aren’t around?

Introducing Trailmap For Life

Trailmap For Life helps you strengthen your relationship with your kids & feel confident you have prepared them well for life on their own. It helps us identify, understand, and navigate the 10 most important topics in life. In 5 quick, powerful sessions, Parents & Kids will build the very best foundation of these topics and will benefit you for a lifetime. It helps your kids be wise, safe, successful, and fulfilled in life when they are on their own.

Hi, My Name Is Chad Richard

With over 20 years of leading in consumer understanding, I’ve helped world-leading brands grow, such as Procter & Gamble, ADT Security Sevices, Sunbeam, Oster, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others.

As my kids got into middle school, I started thinking about how to prepare their lives on their own. I saw that all of life’s big topics were deeply connected to each other. So I began to research the most important life skills to teach them.

After searching for a solution that taught all of the critical life skills in one program, I found out that no such thing existed. So, I formed a leadership team of fathers & subject matter experts to create a nonprofit organization solely dedicated to developing programs to help people understand & navigate the 10 most important topics in life and named the program Trailmap for Life.


What People Are Saying About
Trailmap For Life

“It’s the best program I’ve ever seen for parents & their kids.”

Eric Purtic

Former Director of Adult Discipleship & the Ravi Zacharias School of Apologetics, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“I am convinced this program should be a rite of passage for every family – don’t miss it.”

Todd Stephenson

Successful Businessman, Father, & Church Leader

“I don’t think there is anything more important than putting this as a priority for your relationship with your children.”

Jay Harrington

Single Father of Two, Trailmap For Life Participant

“Trailmap for Life was phenomenal. It has opened the door to incredible, intentional discussions with both of my teen children that we would have never had if it weren’t for this program.”

Robert Auguste

Sales Consultant, Father of Four

“It’s the best program I’ve ever seen for parents & their kids.”

Shannon Barnes

Sales Executive, Successful Community Leader, & Mother of Two

“This program helps you achieve the relationship that ever parent wants with their kids & feel confident you’ve prepared them well for life on their own.”

David Browne

Commercial Real Estate Investor Leadership Coach

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As adults, we have a lot of stress on us. One area that can often suffer is the strength of our marriage. Because each of us is different, we each have unique needs that we want our spouse to fulfill. Complicating things further is that women’s most important love needs are typically different than those of men, so most people find their needs are very different from their spouse’s needs.

In The 25 Minute Marriage Makeover you will learn…

  • The importance of meeting your spouse’s (and your) love needs.
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P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skips to the end of the letter, here’s the scoop:

If you want your kids to have the best life possible… they need to learn the top 10 most important topics for their personal life… not just the academic topics in school.

These topics NEED to be taught and they aren’t being taught in any other single course. 

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