How to Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary – 5 Best Tips


Plan A Special Surprise

Mark your first anniversary with a special surprise. This could include a romantic trip away, a picnic in the park, or even making a home-cooked meal together.

To ensure it’s extra special, you can coordinate your surprise with meaningful gifts that reflect the date of your anniversary.

For example, if your anniversary falls on June 5th, you could give each other five roses to symbolize the day.

Recreate Your First Date

Spend time together by recreating your first date. This can be a fun and romantic way to look back at where it all began.

You could recreate the entire experience such as having dinner at the same restaurant or just reminisce about the memories shared and take a stroll down memory lane.

Renew or Reaffirm Your Vows

Have an intimate exchange of vow renewals. Say all that you want to express to each other in front of your closest family and friends, or even just between yourselves if you prefer a more private ceremony.

This is also a great way for both of you to re-commit yourselves and reaffirm your love for one another after a year of marriage.

Exchange Gifts With Your Spouse

Couples often choose to forgo exchanging gifts on their anniversaries, but one of the most special days of your marriage is your first wedding anniversary.

On this occasion, it’s important to exchange gifts to symbolize the deep love and commitment you have for each other.

If you’re looking for traditional ideas, paper is the traditional first-year anniversary gift – which offers plenty of sweet, creative, and affordable options.

For example, writing a heartfelt poem or letter on paper is a great way to show your spouse how much they mean to you without breaking the bank.

If you’re feeling extra creative, there are lots of paper crafts that can be made such as origami decorations or homemade cards.

These unique trinkets will show how much effort you put into making something special and personal just for them.

Enjoy Your Wedding Cake

Many couples decide to save their wedding cake for a special occasion and one of the most popular is the first anniversary.

To ensure that it tastes as good as possible after being frozen, you need to take certain steps.

After initially freezing it for a couple of hours to set the icing, you should wrap it in plastic and then seal it in an airtight vapor- and moisture-proof freezer bag. This will preserve its taste and texture for when you bring it out again on your anniversary.

But If you didn’t freeze the original cake, don’t worry. Recreating similar flavors and decorations can still be done by baking another cake with the same ingredients such as a sponge, frosting, or fillings.

Whether you choose to use your original cake topper or select fresh flowers from your wedding bouquet, these touches will make the cake look just like it did on your big day.


Celebrating your first wedding anniversary is an important milestone in any marriage and there are many ways to make it special.

A romantic surprise or trip away can be a great way to mark the occasion, as well as recreate your first date or exchange meaningful gifts that represent the date of your anniversary.

You could also reaffirm your love for each other with a vow renewal ceremony or exchange gifts with your spouse to show how much you care.

Another popular idea is to enjoy your wedding cake if it was frozen properly and wrapped in an airtight freezer bag, or recreate similar flavors and decorations with another cake if necessary.

No matter what activity you choose on this day, remember that celebrating together is the best way to show how much you value each other after a year of marriage.

Cherish each other and appreciate how far your relationship has come over the past year. Take a moment to reflect upon all the growth and love that has been shared in the first year of your marriage and make sure to keep it going as you move forward together.

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