Do You Have ALL The Life Skills You Need To Live How You Want To?

Learn Life's 10 Most Critical Skills That Are Easily Overlooked

So, How Do You Live A Successful Life?

  • Master MONEY management so you can help control your life and get the most out of every dollar you earn.
  • Realize your body's true HEALTH potential through proper diet and exercise.
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by all of your commitments and start spending your TIME the way you want to.
  • Keep your emotional bank account full with thriving RELATIONSHIPS.

What's Inside

  • Developing Your Own Custom Life Plan (pg. 41)
  • Three Myths That Can Ruin Your Life (pg. 51)
  • Create Your Personalized Budget Template (pg. 77)
  • Quick Diet Quiz (pg. 85)
  • Three Essential Things For Successful Relationships (pg. 85)
  • How To Fill Your Emotional Bank Account (pg. 124)
  • None Of Us Are Meant To Be Alone (pg. 127)
  • The Power Of Our Words In Relationships (pg. 140)
  • The Quickest Way Ever To Transform A Marriage (pg. 162)
  • Who We Are At Our Core (pg. 179)

Our Guarantee

We believe so much in this program because we apply these principles in our own lives and have seen it drastically improve the lives of others.

If this book doesn’t add significant value to your life we will refund you your money. No questions asked!


About The Author

Chad Richard is a leading expert in consumer understanding, having spent over 20 years launching, managing, and helping build world-leading brands for companies such as Procter & Gamble, ADT Security Services, Sunbeam, Oster, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others. A key part of his role was understanding more about PEOPLE, their LIVES, and their PROBLEMS than anyone else, so that he and his teams could develop solutions to best meet their needs.

This research summary is broken into sections, each highlighting a different key finding identified in the research as being among the most impactful in determining happiness in life as well as expert tips on how to capture happiness in that area.